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Loom Accessories

Doubling Stand and Cone Holder

Our Doubling Stand & Cone Holder comes highly recommended, it was designed by Peggy Osterkamp and is featured in her workshops. The base model holds six cones. Also available the convertible model holding nine small cones or sewing thread.

Base model $195
Convertible model $225

Tension box shown, not included, see below.

Tension Box

Wind your warp with ease. Six dowel pins which have been hand-sanded to a smooth finish allow the appropriate tension for your warp or bobbin. The tension box can be used alone or attached to our Doubling Stand.

Tension Box $49

Warping Trapeze

The warping trapeze allows you to obtain constant tension even when warping by yourself. Full directions for use in Kati Meek's book, Reflections from a Flaxen Past. We make various models to fit most looms. All models have an adjustable top bar. If bar is sized for your widest loom, it can be adjusted for all narrower looms. When ordering trapeze, specify overall width (not weaving width) of widest loom.

(Loom, clamps, raddle, Angel Wings, lease sticks, warp, and water jugs, are not included.)

Model KM-TDL (fits most looms) $250.00
Model KM-SS (for TC-1 Looms) $250.00
Model RB (for AVL  with track option) $250.00
Wooden Hand Screw Clamps (set of 4)  $60.00

Raddle or Reed Feet

Make your reed sleying time a breeze. The two feet hold your raddle or reed securely for smooth threading.

Raddle or Reed Feet  $39
Raddle or Reed Feet 20 deg tilt option  $39

Angel Wings

    Some things are heaven sent! You absolutely must own a pair of angel wings. The wings clamp to the front or rear beams and hold your lease sticks while warping and/or weaving. The wings are made to accommodate round or flat lease sticks.

Visit our Angel Wing page for all the information you will need.


Treadling Order Keeper

Click for larger image

A handy device that clamps to any loom on which can be written the treadling order for your work. A pin is moved along in pre-drilled holes to mark your place. Treadling Record Sheet.

Treadling Order Keeper $59

Appropriate shipping charges will be added on each accessory or replacement part shipped.

Added shipping charges are only for domestic shipments to addresses within the continental United States.

Please contact for shipping charges to all other locations.


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